Monday, 9 December 2013

Pukefest 2013

Just when I thought I was on a roll with blogging and had all these ideas for future articles I was suddenly invited to Pukefest 2013.
The venue was my children's bedroom, the start time was 11pm, the finish time was yet to be decided.
The support act was toddler boy. He started proceedings with his unique projectile style, covering a 1 metre radius of his cot.
His endeavours were closely followed by girly girl. Her style was much more laid back, preferring instead to remain in sleeping position, head lolling over the side of the bed, dowsing much of the surrounding carpet.
Though I certainly did not shout 'Encore' at the end of each act of Pukefest 2013, they insisted on re-enacting their original performance a further four times throughout the night and early dawn.
By 3am there was not one single item of bedding or pyjamas that had not performed in Pukefest 2013. Quite a few cuddly toys along with a good amount of carpet and wall had also taken part in this astounding event.
The following few days were filled with cleaning and washing the entire contents of a shared bedroom and wardrobe along with a growing desperation of finding places to dry sheets.
The notion of sitting at my computer and feeling inspired to write was the stuff of dreams until today when the final load of washing whirred into life and girly girl said 'Goodbye' at the school lunch table.
It's a funny mix for me. When my little ones are poorly there is the stress and strain of looking after them and all the fall out of mess and mahem that ensues but there is also plenty of cuddles. In their subdued poorly state even toddler boy snuggles on the sofa and sits quietly with blanket - well for a few minutes at least!

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