Friday, 7 March 2014

It's Official - I'm chasing my Dream!

I've been a little quiet online this last week. The reason is that I am officially chasing my dream and it's very time consuming.
Ever since I can remember I've loved to write and draw stories and dream that one day I would actually finish an illustrated book. 
Well it all starts here...
The project I've chosen is about a mum called Polly Pinn and her daughter Peggy. The working title is something like 'Is my mummy a witch?' but obviously all of the above could change drastically by the time I reach a conclusion.
So, a sneak preview of one finished illustration... ta dahhhh
I think it will be a daft book - fingers crossed I see it through to the finish!


  1. Yes please do I find your page to be amazing. I love your illustrations :) best of luck!!!

    1. Thank you Mari - hope all is well with you - you always inspire me!

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  3. Can't wait to see it! I'll bet it'll be amazing!