Thursday, 8 September 2016

First Day Back at School - Disaster for Mrs Misfit

Just a quick, funny sketch of how one mum can get it so wrong...

Marianne Misfit was determined to make the most of the last day of the Summer holidays. Her little girl Betsy was starting Year One and little Arthur was starting full time nursery so this would be her last chance to have them all to herself.

They spent hours at the park playing monsters, much to the annoyance of other, less tolerant folk...

Betsy was in her own mermaid world of wonder...

'Swing me as high as a dinosaur!' shouted Arthur, though he cried in terror whenever his swing moved. Betsy now saw the swing as a challenge to get as high as possible, maybe even over the top. Marianne felt sick watching her with thoughts of casualty visits looming in her mind.

Later, after a fabulous day of fun, Marianne sat down at her laptop and thought about the next day. Did she have both P.E. kits ready? Would she ever find Betsy's reading book which disappeared on the first day of the holidays and hadn't been seen since?

Opening up her facebook page she felt a mix of feelings. It would be the first time that she would have whole days available to her. The possibilities were endless and exciting but her heart twanged anxiously as she remembered the cosy afternoons together, the autumnal walks when the parks were less clogged with school children. She felt a sense of a new beginning along with a sense of loss.

She determined to be positive and make the most of this opportunity. It was a fresh start. She would finally have time to be the perfect housewife and mum. Visions of the children arriving home to freshly baked biscuits and milk, a spotless house and a creatively satisfied mum filled her mind.

There would be time to do homework and keep abreast of all school affairs without trying to hoover, cook dinner and entertain children all at the same time.

Feeling better she started to read her facebook page and immediately realised that she'd f**ked up again...

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