Modern Figurative Art

Below is a selection of my modern figurative art pieces. I think the human form is a beautiful and interesting topic. I love to depict it in elegant poses or twist it into awkward positions to reflect psychological anxiety and relationships

The Beautiful Ladies

 Coquettish Red Sparkle Nude Female

Huddled Red Sparkle Female Nude

 Sitting Peacock Female Nude

Seated in the Flowers Female Nude

The Contortionists

 Vulnerable Contortion Black Pencil on Cartridge Paper

I believe the human body to be a beautiful thing, whatever shape or size. I also love the idea of expressing emotional and psychological states using the body. 'Vulnerable Contortion' expresses both vulnerability (in the physical sense that his genitals are exposed and in a prime position to be mis-handled) but also in his position of confinement. Even his limbs have ensnared him by twisting about each other, rendering him powerless. I hoped to convey strength with his muscle definition and suggest that strength can exist with vulnerability. 

 Purple Love Purple pencil on cartridge paper
'Purple Love' is a mixed bag for me. The lovers can look perfectly suited to each other, happy in their embrace or perhaps there is a note of restraint or control. The intricate weaving of their toes signifies closeness or possibly discomfort. The viewer must decide.

The Psychologicals

Solitude Black pencil on cartridge paper
Sometimes I look at this picture and feel it's contented quiet contemplation, other times loneliness, feeling powerless or isolated. My relationship with this picture is certainly one based upon what mood I am in when I look upon it.


Quiet Embrace Graphite on Cartridge Paper

Nothing to hide behind, skin on skin, together.

The Nudes

The Raven Haired Temptress

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